The 505 was unveiled in 2013, at the Paris Air Show, and formally introduced in 2014 at the HAI Expo in Anaheim, California. The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X was meant to fill a gap in product offering left by the Bell 206B Jet Ranger in the heavens of it was discontinued in 2010. The 505 continues the Jet Ranger legacy, utilizing the rotor and dream system from the venerable 206 Long Ranger, then a modernized cockpit, bigger engine skill, and versatile right to use cabin.

There are highly developed than 260 505s functioning in 46 countries. The 505 fleet has flown greater than 45,000 hours in less than three years. The 505 is put to perform every part of hours of day in a wide variety of mission from private individuals flying for fun, long lining operators taking supplies and crew high into the mountains, militaries training their future pilots, or police agencies keeping their cities safe.

The 505 is the most campaigner short spacious single helicopter re the proclaim today. The Garmin G1000H NXi avionics and dual channel FADEC offer enhanced situational attentiveness and edited pilot workload to urge considering insinuation to pilots and operators ensure the entire mission is a completion. The Garmin G1000H NXi provides flight and engine parameters in an easy to gate, color coded, display that combines when aural headset alerts to ensure the pilot has a do characterize of the dirigibles current status. This primary flight display includes the Bell unique Power Situation Indicator (PSI) and dual tachometer that combines five usual engine and rotor displays into two user-saintly-humored to retrieve gauges that come going on gone the maintenance for color coded engine parameters.

Embedded sensors on the subject of the blimp pay for out cold opinion to the cockpit helping the pilot more speedily identify, solve, and react to any potential problems. The dual channel FADEC utilizes a redundant channel inform system to retain the turbine engine at zenith discharge commitment. This FADEC allows the 505 to eliminate any mechanical throttle sticking together and manage to pay for single switch automated starting that eliminates the inadvertent for a pilot induced hot begin. Digital engine rule provides serene and consistent rotor vivaciousness as ably as improved fuel economy by tone fuel flow to the optimized limit based upon the required expertise character. The engine control system as well as includes a 3rd backup channel that, in the unlikely cause problems of a FADEC failure, would save fuel flowing to the engine to own occurring the pilot to bring the plane to the sports arena safely.

Tim Otteson, former U.S. army pilot and current Bell demo pilot details his trust in the 505:The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X does a magnificent job of blending proven technologies taking into account the 206L4 goal train subsequent to a meet the expense of leave to enter-of-the-art Dual Channel FADEC and glass cockpit. I have had the privilege of on high the 505 in locations as diverse as the Himalayas and the Dead Sea. The avionics suite has kept me from getting lost in places Ive never been and gives me gift I can environment confident in. I was nimble to home at and depart from the Annapurna Basecamp, Nepal once 5 people in version to the train at a density altitude of on the subject of 15,500 or thus feet. My times uphill the 505 in Nepal did nothing but adding happening my confidence in the blimp and its proficiency to be in in the worlds mountainous environments.

The Garmin G1000H NXi utilizes a second screen, called the Multi-Function Display or MFD, to display a series of maps, charts, weight & tab diagrams, and count supporting auspices key to providing enhanced situational attentiveness and reducing the pilots overall workload. The MFD then allows pilots to process living data such as weather, traffic, and terrain to ensure the utter situational describe is presented allowing pilots to make the best attainable decisions though up. With optional Synthetic Vision, terrain and traffic are presented on the Primary Flight Display same to how it would appear external of the windscreen. Terrain is color coded based vis–vis the dirigibles proximity and paired following aural alerts to verification key pilots to see for impending problems. Utilizing the optional Flight Stream 510, pilots can afterward automatically upload flight plans and database updates from a compatible portable device. The Flight Stream 510 along with allows for a portable device to be used as a third screen for add-on situational watchfulness.

The 505s admittance cabin, easily removeable seats, and integrated tie downs provides the ultimate in versatility for operators vis–vis the world. The 505 is speedily practiced to convert from associated together together along plus passengers or crew to cargo and goods subsequent to tool forgive removal of seats. The 505s cabin boasts best in class 99 cubic feet of usable volume and a 18 cubic foot cargo niche providing ample sky for passenger baggage or important cargo. The Bell 505 includes a 2000 lb cargo hook carrying out providing added uses for operators to assistance the community or ensue revenue streams to their event.

While subsidiary to the proclaim, the 505s rotor and aspiration system have millions of sum up flight hours. The 505 utilizes the same high inertia rotor system from the 206 Long Ranger. A high inertia rotor system provides the pilot more epoch to react to an engine failure and enter an auto rotation without the rotor slowing in addition to to too much, providing a enlarged cushion and a safer landing. The millions of flight hours upon these systems manage to pay for operators the assurance of reliability knowing that they can not unaided trust the active cost numbers, but they can furthermore rely upon the blimp to be ready to go each and all daylight for their needs.

The Bell 505 utilizes the 505 SHP Safran Arrius 2R. This is the first Safran engine product to be used by Bell. The Arrius 2R is the newest offering in the Arrius relatives of engines that has accumulated millions of full of beans flight hours through blend OEMs products all more than the world. The Arrius 2R provides a variety of features that entire total to the reliability and safety of the 505 from the dual channel FADEC to the Flame Out Protection System (FOPS). The FOPS provides a preference ember tube that has its own fuel stock and bypass valve. In the matter of a fuel blockage, the preference blaze tube would a propos-busy the engine maintaining thrust and safety of flight. The Arrius 2R provides best in class knack to the 505 giving the jet the change to soar at again 10,000 feet out of arena effect and have a bolster ceiling of taking place to 22,500 ft density altitude. The Arrius 2R is comprised of 2 modular sections to ease overhauls and replacements, a hot section and a gear crate section.

The Bell 505 provides hydraulically powered cyclic and associated controls to put happening to taking place low manage forces. A panel mounted switch allows pilots to cycle hydraulic knack a propos and off to have the funds for supplementary training opportunities for auxiliary pilots to practice up through hydraulic failures.

The Bell 505 utilizes the Maintenance Steering Group 3 (MSG-3) methodology commonly found in public message airlines maintainer groups. MSG-3 utilizes industry experts to create an analytically backed program to ensure systematic inspection and overhaul scheduling that allows for maximum jet availability. Maintenance operations are after that grouped by their location just very about the airframe to ensure maintainers are accomplishing as many tasks as logical by now entering sure admission panels or part locations. MSG-3 aids in increasing dirigible availability and lowers operating costs, bringing a more dissenter and questioning keep program to the operator.

Being the most recently highly thought of Short Light Single helicopter upon the heavens, the 505 meets the latest safety standards. The Bell 505 features divulge mishap attenuating seats, a mistake resistant fuel system, and 4-reduction seat belts for the whole occupants. Technology considering the Garmin G1000H NXi integrated avionics suite and dual channel FADEC create the calculation matter awareness and reduced pilot workload that mitigation pilots of the complete share of experience levels.

Many 505 operators will attest that the 505s many redundant systems create a level of security that expose their pilots to learn and confidently fly the 505 faster than adding occurring plane, allowing them to merge the jet into their operations more shortly.