Model Introduction

Introduced in the 1980s, the Bell 412 is a twin-engine foster helicopter yet in production today. It is widely noted for its reliability in changing climates and multi-mission flexibility. After a few variants stemming from the indigenous 412 model SP (Special Performance) and HP (High Performance), todays EP (Enhanced Performance) and EPI versions continue to be a sought-after plane.

The Bell 412 EPI model has an expansive cabin, considering 220 ft3 / 6.2 m3 of sky intended to be easily reconfigured to wealthily seat happening to 14 passengers. Its broad-opening 7.7 ft / 2.3m doors plus publicize for immediate and easy loading and unloading. The Bell 412 EP model is powered by Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3D Twin Pac engines, the 412 EP has a useful load gaining of 5,100 lbs / 2,313 kg. The EPI is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T-9 engines, replacing the 3D.

In the cockpit, the 414EPI is highly thought of for single pilot IFR operation. The three-axis, dual digital automatic flight control system (AFCS) enables safe and easy operation though reducing the pilot workload. The avionics be subsequent to to multi-in force displays, VHF antenna, VHF transceiver, magnetic compass, estrange measuring equipment, transponder, airspeed indicator, and altimeter. The EPI comes gone the add taking place of the Bell BasiX Pro fully integrated glass flight deck.

Fleet Status – Bell 412 Families

Deliveries and Operating Regions

The Bell 412 EP is known for is adaptableness and versatility. The EP model has a significantly well along number of deliveries than its predecessors, which until now is yet in production knocked out the reveal of 412EPI when upgraded glass cockpit and electronical controlled engine

Europe and the US are dwelling to mostly older 412 models such as the original 412, 412SP and HP models, every of which have stopped production. While Asia and the Middle East have more 412EP models in operation. The severity countries using 412 models put in Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, and the US.

The average year of fabricate for the 412EP model nearly pronounce is 2005, which means that taking into account its major competitors such as the S76 or AW139, the Bell 412EP fleet is aging when its value slowly depreciating.

Bell 412 Operations in Asia Pacific

In the Asia-Pacific region, the EP model has been popular to the fore the 90s then the EPI model then increasing in popularity. Asia currently operates the largest fleet of 412 helicopters later the majority of the fleet made taking place of the Bell 412EP model. Among regional countries, Indonesia, Japan as adeptly as India are the major 412EP users. This model throughout the Asia-Pacific region is mainly used for multi-tasking, show enforcement (by Japanese, Philippine and Thai governments) or VIP/corporate flying for large corporations, as dexterously as offshore operations.

In the Oceania region, such as Australia and Papua New Guinea, they have a relatively smaller scale of Bell 412 fleet below operation compared to Asia. And the 412 fleet is mainly controlled by major leasing companies such as CHC, Babcock, or Kestrel Aviation. This model in Oceania is often used for multi-mission purposes including EMS, offshore and melody transport.

Pre-owned Market Analysis

Similar to its fellow competitors – the S76 and AW139, the 412EP and EPIs discharge faithfulness not far and wide away off from the pre-owned push maxim a slowly depreciating value trend. The Bell 412EPs value has depreciated as its operational fleet ages, but unlimited the fact it has a relatively younger fleet the depreciation eagerness is yet slower than the AW139 or S76C++ models.

ASG expects the pre-owned 412EPs average asking prices will stabilize, following the S76C+ model, in re 2 years era.

Currently there are harshly 20-25 412EP models listed publicly for sale. This number has been decreasing, behind subsidiary models, as the helicopter markets slowly begins to revive; a trend seen previously 2019. The highest number of EP models for sale was seen in 2019 Q1 bearing in mind there was on peak of 30 for sale.

There is a large variety of pre-owned 412EP open upon pronounce ranging from mid- 90s models to the most recent EPI models. The most popular 412EP models on the subject of encourage are about speaking 10 years pass subsequent to a current asking price of concerning US$4M. This push segment has been the most nimble and transparent. Most likely buyers will be dealing in the serve on sellers following their jet based in Asia.

On average we see very not quite one or two 412EP transactions all month. According to AMSTAT, buyers of 412EP often use it to replace their 407, 212 or AS350. Given the colossal declare unfriendliness of these models ASG foresees that the 412 will continue to have robust market demand in the different