Circle-H lighting makes it possible for pilots to make much smoother and safer landings on offshore installations than was previously possible at night, or during poor light or adverse weather conditions. It eliminates the sometimes dangerous and disorienting ‘black-hole’ effect in the helideck that pilots previously often found so challenging.

Circle & H Lighting for helideck – TouchDown Positioning Marketing – (TD/PM) and Lit Heliport Identification Marking (H) is superimposed on the yellow painted marking. It comprises a concentric circle of at least 16 discrete lighting segments. The Elements have a width of 100mm. A single circle is positioned at the mean radius of the painted circle of the Helideck.

The lighting segments provide coverage between 50% and 75% of the circumference as stated in CAP437, and are equidistantly placed with the gaps between them not less than 0.5 m.

Application: Helideck
Zone: Safe Area
Light Color Circle: Yellow
Light Color: H-Sytem: Green; C-Sytem: Yellow
Light Source: LED, steady burning
Light Intensity: as per CAP437
Vertical Beam Profile: as per CAP437
Colour chromaticity: as per CAP437
Enclosure: H-Unit:Aluminium,white grip coated;C-Unit:Aluminium,yellow grip coated
Ingress Protection: IP 67
In Compliance With: CAP437
Mounting: Riveted / Bolted / Glued
Input Voltage: From Controller
External earthing: Base plate
Tested Ambient Temp: -40° to +55° C
Consumption: 30 Watt
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Cable: 5 x 0.34 mm2
Suitable For: Safe Area